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Tumbledown – Break Out Of History lyrics

Let's read all the books that have been sitting on the shelf
Take all the promises and keep them for ourselves
Face the so called music when it's staring back at you
Tell all the others, the the masses, tell the few
Tell all the others, tell the few

Let's break out of history and stand still for a while
Try to make some sense of this and smile, smile, smile
Do you hear the future out there knocking on the door
Hand in hand with progress, they are coming in for sure
It's your turn to open up the door

Tell me why, why, why you're so sad
Tell me why, why, why you'd be better off alone

Tell me who you are and where you've been along the road
Tell me all the stories from your troubled episodes
What of all the junkies with a life that's gone so wrong
What of all the prisoners that sing their jailbird song
And will the choir sing along

If the weather keeps on changing will it turn back from the worse
Made a promise to the people in the shadow of our thirst
The rain fills up the gutters and the wind blows down this town
Get yourself right out of there before you start to drown
And take the high road out of town

Tell me why, why, why you're so sad
Tell me why, why, why you'd be better off alone

What has happened to the round table and
Who turned out the lights
We've been sitting in the dark here,
We've been hanging from the heights
The hungriest of wolves will never satisfy their fill
The working man will never have a house up on the hill
There's a gator in the backyard looking for a meal
A thief inside the house looking for a heart to steal
This can't be washed with a pill

Do you believe the president and men that tell his lies
There's something in the tonic that is blurring out our eyes

The enemies are laughing as the allied forces cry
No one wins a battle when your son or brother dies
The only way to truly win is keep your dreams alive
Rats get fat while good men die
It's up to us to turn the tide

Tell me why, why, why you're so sad
Tell me why, why, why you'd be better off alone

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