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Trygg Vibe – Getting Over U lyrics

Sitting by my window thinking
How I cannot be without you, missing
Almost everything about you, when I'm
Wondering will I make it through?
I thought that I was over you
A change in life has now run overdue
Someone tell me what I'm supposed to do
I'm beside myself
I'm so confused

There was a day
You used to hang on every word I'd say
But now, girl you see
Over time the words just fade away
You know, I still believe
That there's a part of you that cares for me
Oh girl, here I am
Why do I still hold on?

Too many days have passed me by
Without your love, going crazy
Can you tell me why?
I can't explain what I'm feeling
Tell myself a lie
Baby, I am getting over you
Gotta find a way to let you go
But when I try, girl
I fight it cause I love you so
Should I deny what I'm feeling
Just to let you know
That baby, I am getting over you

"Let me call this girl
Just c'mon
Pick up the phone"

"We're sorry. All circuits are busy."

No more conversations on the phone
Cause when I call you girl, you're never home
Tell me how a broken man's this strong
When you're supposed to be here with me, baby
So you say you found another man
And though I'm happy for you, understand
That without you, I'm a different man
I don't wanna live my life alone

There'll come a day
When remembering you won't hurt this way
But now girl, it seems
That this pain inside is here to stay
You know, I wanna know
Is there a time when you still think of me
Cause girl, I'm afraid
When will I breathe again?


Why should it be
That you would make a fool of me
Girl, I never knew that trust in you
Would tear my world apart
No matter what I try and do
My heart goes running back to you
And with the way you treat me, girl
Why do I even care?
Because I know

[Chorus x2]

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