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Trunks & Tales – I Have A Sadness Shield; It Keeps Out All The Sadness And It's Big Enough For All Of Us lyrics

Resurrect the rain
Cause I cannot be saved
The sound echoes off my hips, from my lips
Just like a passing train
No reason to sleep, no reason to wake

And I hope I never say things were simpler back then
Cause most of these days, I can barely stand
Consecrate the days, the time spent in our own heads
We are not the same, they're all foolish patriots at best

For all the nights I've stayed awake
I still sleep most of the days
When I say I'm not afraid
That's all I really ever had to say
And I could never be your savior
And I will never be a saint
Most days I can barely stand this place
What would you ever ask me to say?

And I guess they never needed us
They were stronger on their own
I'm sure they'll all be tired and sore too
By the time that they find a home
And I guess we never made a difference
Just sitting, talking to ourselves
I will never fool myself
To think I ever made a single god damned person proud

Cause I spent all of my best years
Searching for my best years
Hiding from my worst fears
How did I end up here?

Now I'd gladly take the wasted days
And wash them all out with the waves
Spill the blood out from my veins
Cause I've never felt so safe

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