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Tristan Prettyman – Void lyrics

I am a void
Lets see you try and fill me
And mostly I'm just annoyed
With the situation that never fails to find me

Well I shoulda known better and I did
I should have listened but ohh well
And now the memories are but the lines on my palms of my hands
Can you tell me this much? oh do tell...

Tell me was she better?
Was she everything and more?
Cause I'm still leaning out the window on the 14th story floor
Begging for more...always more...

I remember the conversations
Pressed up against that Canadian night sky
Like l could lean out my window
And recall what it feels like to be that high

Tell me me was she better?
Was she everything and more?
God I hope she pleased you
Was she everything you hoped for?

Tell me was it all there, all this time
Did it pick up, did it pick up, did it pick up...

And take flight?

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