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Tristan Prettyman – Anything At All lyrics

I can tell by the tone of your voice,
That this Isn't working out
I can tell by the look in your eyes,
You've made up your mind you haven't got a doubt
I remember when I first saw you,
Remember the way I felt
And now your breaking me to pieces,
I don't know how I'll deal with this

But If I...
Learned anything at all
It was to always be true to yourself and
I know that this isn't the end of it all
And I will fall...

Have you ever watched the shadows,
Fly across the midnight sky
You know I used to watch the sunset,
But it seems that I haven't got the time anymore

But if I....
Learned anything at all it was too
Always be true to yourself and I
Know that this is what I can do and
I'm gonna' try...

Been thinking for days,
Been sleepless for nights
But it all came to me,
Driving home crying my eyes out

And if I...
Learned anything at all it was too
Never give up
Cause I see all my dreams laid out in front of me
And for once it doesn't seem so tough

No, it doesn't seem so tough....

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    Where a great connection once existed, it has begun to fray under the pressures of life, and now two souls must part. One of them is tired and convinced they need a change. Some time and space to themselves perhaps, while the other is trying not to be devastated because she never forgot what they had. She is struggling with herself over what to do and how to get past it, yet at the same time her heart is telling her to be patient. Deep underneath her fear, anxiety, and heartache, she realizes this separation isn't the end of their story, and definitely not the end of her world. Sometimes we all need to escape, and sometimes we realize what we are leaving behind is worth coming back for someday. She can still see her entire life in the other; all she can do is wait and hope that her heart is right, and that the other eventually makes that realization too. Love has taught her some hard lessons, but they all brought her here for a reason. So she could make it count for the one that matters. The one she is truly meant to be with. No matter what she has to go through in the meantime, in the end, it will all be worth it.
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