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Trina – Club Skit lyrics

Anegl: child come on

Trina: I know he aint coming over here?

Angel: come on let's go over there ray ready

Trina: I know but child look at him look.

Trina: look at hi shoes girl

Angel: let's go over there

Trina: I hope he don't come over here he is so tired honey

Angel: he is real tired

Trina: I don't think so!

Angel: what the fuck is that on his grill

Trina: he is definitely A fashion statement honey

Angel: what the fuck is that on his grill

Trina: I don't know but it's shonuff blinding me. I know he better not come over

Man: yo baby what's up can I buy you A drink?

Trina: yeah what ever

Angel: you shouldn't have told him yeah now he gonna think he all that

Trina: oh shit! Here he come

Man: here you go baby. You got the finest glass off champagene J. Rogie I've been
Watching you all night. Hold on let me sit right here

Angel: we did not invite yo ass to sit down

Trina: see that's why you can't be nice to niggas in da club now.

Man: what you mean baby?

Trina: first of all I'm not your baby (Angel: ok)So get your tired cell rag
Iceberg wearing foggy diamond cheap champagene buying ass out my face.
Nigga you must be don't know who the fuck I am hold on angel buy this nigga A
Bottle of cris

Angel: ok! Broke scrub ass nigga

Man: gimme back my drink then bitch!

Trina: we gonna show you how to ball playboy

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