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Triggz – Goodfellas lyrics

Let me drop it on 'em, let me pop it on 'em
Mg the eldest in the game. Com
I should have my own website, you...
Tongue kissing, everything I know she wanted
She could fuck with me, I bought a box 60
On the highway, you know that she getting freaky
Soaking wet like the ocean, she get leaky
She talk a foreign language, me no speaky
You can say I'm the best at what I do
Hustle each move with the... Gang crew
Yeah, I'm on player, you wonder why you have a boat
I love, cause it got your own bitch just selling dough
Now she ride this like Barney... On my hip, on my hip
A man eater that's the definition of a bitch!
If you ride with me, put your fist up like this
... My mom even likes my shit on the shit!

Hey, hey
My squad vicious, leave you swimming with the fishes...
Whole gang on the ride stand up!
Man down, try to man up
We're the hit man, and you're a victim
Love my dogs sick is nothing but pain and sufferings...
Whistle at your girl, no cattle
Incredible! Flow so eatable, eat up!... Beat up!
Fuck... And hoes gotta eat up
S P L I F F, weapon to the death
And if you don't feel this, you must be death
Get your shit together, punch lines like...
You're feather weight crowd lines make you levitate
The latest galaxy, poverty is my allergy
Going for a nby player salary
Why you're mad at me, you're so...
From that... Side, and I roll with the baddest G

Uh, they say that I'm clear magic when I write
I just tell them they're right, bring some darkness to the light
So when I bless them, I might put these dark topics and voodoo
Still the one doing the shit, better than you do.
I cruise through just like...
But they don't... Shots pass this blootooth
In this game you either do it or die
You can leave them like Ryan Reynolds to be berried alive
Huh, it's just a joke, see I've been very deprived
I figured it's about time we get our piece of the pie
See our eye double cheesy, make a shit more easy
Got your bitch all on her knees, trying to please me
Believe me, I ain't trying to pretend
I'm just coming from out North in the city of sin
Small city big dreams and my city it is
And if you're not with my team, then you're not... My friends are

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