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Travis Tritt – It's All About The Money lyrics

Cadillac on the interstate
Ran a redneck in the ditch
Big city lawyer calls
Says, "son gonna make you rich
Just put your shoulder in a sling
And your neck in a brace
We're gonna take his butt to court
Take everything he makes"
And it's all about the money

There's a local politician
Who said he needed our vote
He'd put two chickens in every pot
And pave all the country roads
But we ain't see that S. O. B
Since the day he raised his hand
We're still dodging pot holes
Eatin' potted mean and spam
It's all about the money
Yes, it's all about the money

A handshake used to be
All you used to need to make a deal, yes it was
But now they look you in the eye
And tell a big ol' bold faced lie
With a team of lawyers
Movin' in for the kill
It's all about the money

They say they are your best friends
As longs as you're buying the rounds
They'll light your smokes tell you jokes
At every bar in town
As soon as you hit some hard times
And the good times disappear
You're all alone and they're all gone
And one thing is for clear
It's all about the money
Yes, it's all about the money

It's all about the money
It's all about the money
It's all about the
It's all about the money

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