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Travis Tritt – Living On Borrowed Time lyrics

A-yodel-ay-e. Hoo. Hoo. Hoo.

Well, I'm swimming in debt and the money's all gone
I ain't got nothing I can call my own
Worked my fingers to the blood and bone
For a big disappointment when my paycheck comes
If I only had a little I could do just fine
I could put a down payment on some peace of mind
But I'm hanging at the end of a credit line
Lord, I'm just living on borrowed time

My truck's financed through the Union Bank
But I don't have enough to even fill the tank
I'd take you for a drive, girl, but I just can't
Cuz the damned ol' motor won't even crank
My trailer's plenty big if we lived outside
But I can't swing the payments on a double wide
Better hold a place in that welfare line
Cause I'm just living on borrowed time

If it comes real cheap but it don't come free
Then it stays off limits to a guy like me
They say it brings trouble having money to burn
I reckon that's a lesson I won't have to learn.

Lord! Lord! Hmm-mmm.


Yeah, I bought my wife a little diamond ring
Her mom said, Hon, can't even see that thing
It'll be paid off when I'm 65
If I'm lucky enough to still be alive
Even if I was to up and pass away
My family doesn't have enough to dig my grave
No tombstone just an old wood sign saying
He was just living on borrowed time
Out there swinging from a credit line
Lord, I'm just living on borrowed time
Lord, I'm just living on borrowed tim

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