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Trailblaza – Extravagant lyrics

I just wanted to know, if your ready to go
Then let your hair blow back with the breeze
And lets ride
Lets ride
So many places to go, many things to see
And it's yours ya know, your here with me
Lets ride
Lets ride
It's so extravagant

Verse 1:
Fly as the times, boutique attire
She truly desires the status that I've acquired
A man at his best, a living breathing esquire
I'm tryna show you my pages you still believe in these liars
The lesson of the day is,
Always be courageous on ya grind, til ya shine can any turn town into Vegas
She staring in amazement, let her get a glimpse of my life,
I bet she call to cancel all future engagements
We never on the same shit, nor in the same cubicle
It's comical, she cut you like a cuticle
The life I lead is borderline beautiful
No honor roll,
I was just on my grind as usual
That sauna flow got these rappers sweating cause they stressing
It's no question I'm the captain of the boat, the Obama in the election
Woodfloors, European decor, living with no detours, need I say anymore? You sure?


Verse 2:
Fly as the times, boutique attire
She truly admires my status quo as the fire
She understands I'm trouble but had to know for her self
Went from tattered clothes to the baddest hoes established flows with wealth
The lesson of the day is, always keep your mind focused
Always work & if you sleep keep one eye opened
I said I had it they must've thought I was joking
My path was always planned, tho my travel was seldom spoken
Yeah & right now she staring in amazement
& going through her phone canceling all future engagements
I'm sitting on the balcony watching the sun fall
She sitting thinking how can he manage to do it all
But I was always grinding & working if you recall
See you struggle so much the only thing left to do is to ball
Woodfloors, European decor, living with no detours, need I say anymore? Ride with me


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