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Toy Dolls – Neville Is A Nerd lyrics

We all believed that Neville
Was a f f f fine lad
But when we go to know him better
Neville drove us mad.
Neville is a bighead
Neville is a pain
Neville is a pratt without a brain
What a wally, what a burk
He sticks out like a sore thumb
He's a wally, he's a jerk
Nobody can be as dumb
Neville's a hopeless case
He can never pull a bird
Neville's thick and he's got a pig face
Neville is a nutter, Neville is nerd
Oh Neville is a nutter, Neville is....
Neville is a nerd.
Neville gets on your wick
Neville is a moron
Neville makes you sick
Oh Neville is a Neville is a nerd
Oh Neville's wearing Aramus
And a little touch of Brut,
He thinks he will pick up a chick
In his white trendy suit,
Sunglasses in the disco
Nev can't see too clear
He's such a burk, he trips and
Spills his beer
Neville's nice to all the girls
But it's just a bluff
Neville thinks he's Jack the lad
But he's just a trendy puff.
He says he's been to Tenerife
And he knows Simon le Bon,
But it's a codswallop
Coz Neville is a con

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