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Townes Van Zandt – Goin' Down To Memphis lyrics

By townes van zandt

Goin' down to memphis
Maybe get my ashes hauled
I can drive me a car
But I don't need no car at all
I beleive I'll ride that memphis cannon ball

She runs so fast
You can't catch her from behind
Ah, she runs so fast
You can't catch her from behind
But I'll be there waitin'
For that little memphis girl of mine

Why I left
Guess I'll never know
Why I left
Man, I guess I'll never know
Sittin' here thinkin'
I'm one dumb-ass so and so

I'm headed back
That memphis train
She leaves real soon
The memphis train
Sound like she leaves real soon
Got nothin' to guide me
'cept the color of the moon
Hangin' over memphis

Headed down
Where the mississippi runs
Boys I'm headed home
Back where the mississippi runs
I hear there's some lovin' there
Try to get me some

Headed down to memphis
Maybe get my ashes hauled
Just don't know
Why I ever left at all
I'm gettin' on that train, man,
I ain't even gonna call
Be there 'fore the break of day

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