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Towers – Grievance lyrics

People suffering misery
Surrounding your death
You think I'd accept that

I can't heart any of these voices
Explain yourself to me

Can you explain random acts of violence placed
People dying of disease
You look to the sky for an answer to your strife
You're shot down your cries fall on deaf ears
We are bred to believe in what they tell us to
You think a god would let the evil consume you
People we know dying filled with such love, hope, & grace
Nothing would make it right
You're a fake, your views corrupt the weak


I've seen enough to last a lifetime
You're a fake

When I look at the sky
There's nothing left
Why the fuck should I even try
You're a fake, You're a fucking coward
I could never invest into you

Hold your crosses
It doesn't make a difference now
I can pass my own judgement on what I see
I've seen death & what it does to me
I can only take the situation,
Forced day by fucking day
Fell the anger inside me
I can pass my own judgement on what I see
I've seen death and what it does to me
Just a bunch of pawns & games
When you're too scared, To accept the reality

They say that we see the ones we've loved on the other side
& I refuse, I refuse to believe in something that would take you away
I can't live a life not knowing, If I'll ever see your face again
I'll bask in the glory the memory
Knowing we were more than friends we were family

Find peace in knowing, that you were loved

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