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Tower Of Power – I Got The Chop lyrics

Went down in the valley,
I jumped back in the alley,
Scaled the highest peak,
I even plugged the biggest leak.
Aint none quicker than I,
Slicker than Superfly,
I don't even have to try,
I got the chop!
I got the chop!
I can't be stopped,
I'll never get popped,
I got the chop, hey now!
I possess the keenest mind,
Perhaps of all mankind,
My cranium do contain
Undoubtedly the greatest brain
My (sight?) is not the type,
Baby get sucked up all night,
I maintain outta sight
I got the chop!
I got the chop!
I've been through a lot,
Give it all I've got,
I've got the chop!
If somehow you still have doubt as to what I'm talkin' 'bout,
Your insights extra dumb if you can't tell where I'm comin' from,
'Cause if I ain't got the chop, if I ain't got the chop;
Moby dick was a minnow,
Dumbo was a drunk,
Popeye was a pussy,
And Pinocchio was a punk!
No! That's a buncha bunk!
Sax solo
I will fulfill your every need,
Satisfaction guaranteed,
Double your money back,
Your gonna swear I got the true knack.
Ain't no haughty boast,
It's a fact that I'm the most,
Just the most from coast to coast
I got the chop!
I got the chop!
I hit the spots,
Call all the shots,
I got the chop!
Oh, girl, I am the cream of the crop,
See, I'm the most from coast to coast,
I won't get popped, I can't get stopped,
I've been through a lot,
Give it all I got,
I got the chop!
Oh-oh, girl,
Oh, now,
Satisfaction guaranteed

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