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Total Devastation – Hemp Rally lyrics

Legalize today and get high tonight(repeat)
As I combine all the juice from the mind(repeat 8)
Yes yes y'all yes yes y'all(repeat 4)

It's Sunday morning rollin through Cali
Me and Red eye we headed to the hemp rally
Total Devastation puffin medication
Tossin the fritz much love from the nation
And like Peter Tazh I will advertise it
Some people talk shit and they try to criticize it
But I fight for my rights and I fight to legalize it
Yeah legalize it many clouds of skunk
Boomin in your trunk It's the marijuana funk
From the Soopa Doopa kid and the Red eye the Rosta
Smoke a fat blunt cause you know that we gots ta
Spread much love with the bud
Yes yes y'all come on get on up
Roll up a fat one take a puff
Where the weed grows best on the west coast Cali
Many clouds of smoke it's the hemp rally


[Verse 2:]
I don't sniff coke I smoke sesamea
See ya wouldn't want to be ya
Hemp hemp hooray legalize today parla in parlay
But can I get paid paid
Don't bogart that joint my friend
Pass it on over to the Mexican
Equerto reganyo puffin on the lanyo
I'm gettin high but stayin on the down low
Who's the man with the hemp in his hand

It's the pot hit legend from the mariguana band
I kick the Willie Bubbles drink Moonshine
And what's mine is mine and yours is mine
Legalize hemp or I'm a rob your ass blind
Or you might catch a hot but but from the 9
I kick the boom bit marijuana shit
Then I dilly dally catch a wreck at the hemp rally


[Verse 3:]
I smoked a dube with Cube
Yeah it was a good day
Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre
And Cypress Hill and House of Pain
King T and the lick love Mary Jane
So catch the vibe and enjoy the ride
As I pass the doojie over to the far side
Or pass the pipe and all ignite
Lets legalize today and get high tonight
And on the east coast where it's all brand new
The guys Gangstar and Nice and Smooth
Das Effects and Redman Puffin on the ism
Dima De pullin stunts and blunts through a prism
And I smoke a fat spliff with the great Jimmy Cliff
Cause the Tribes got the vibe that I pop a lot of dive
When it comes to agriculture I read the High Times
First I read the Bomb that's word to your mom
Much love from the east to the west coast Cali
Many clouds of smoke y'all it's the hemp rally


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