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Torture Squad – Azazel lyrics

Uh Azazel... unmerciful god from hell
Brings us now
His evil black legions
Desperate cries are reaching to the heavens
No one can be saved
He dominates all religions
Demons proclaiming to the sky
The arrival of the lord of the flies
Close your eyes to the evil glare
Hordes of hell will march at dawn.
Beginning of the end, all hope is gone
The human race is drowning in despair

Uh Azazel... tyrannical king of hell
Treads on us
Feel... feel his impurity
Dark eyes, void of light everywhere
There's no escape
We'll pay for all our sins
We are leaving all hope behind
Feeling his touch and there's no light
Bodies are laying across the land
The smell of death is everywhere
Transforming this land a pit of despair
Azazel... is rising to command

Azazel, the king of hell
Bringing pain, our souls yell
Leaving the earth in a dark cell
Azazel, the king of hell

Uh Azazel... in the image of decay
Chosen to bring
Torments, plagues and anguish
Thee unholy plan, his conquest is done
There's no life
Under his dark sun
In the face of millions the agony hurts and burns
Through this age of demise
The human race is drowned in flames, pestilence, pain and hate
It's the last chapter of mankind

Azazel, the king of hell
Bringing pain, our souls yell
Leaving the earth in a dark cell
Azazel, master of living hell

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