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Tori Thompson – Let 'Er Rip lyrics

I can tell,
There's something you don't wanna tell me.
It's killing you,
Cuz the words are hard to find.
And I know,
You wanna break it to me gently.
Well, Sweet baby, say
Whats on your mind....

1, 2, 3,!

Let Er Rip,
Let it fly.
Come on baby,
Say It,
Do ya think I'm gonna cry?
Ain't about to bawl,
And I ain't gonna lie.
So if ya gonna say good bye,
Don't take all day and night.
Let Er Rip,
Let it fly.

Why the drama?
We don't have to drag out the situation.
It wasn't you,
Wasn't me,
Sometimes the chemistry don't ignite.
The ain't no rings,
No morgage,
There ain't any complications.
Just a hyphenated word,
Get it out,
I'm sure I'll be alright.


It ain't no big deal,
Ain't no great loss.
You and I are on the same train of thought.
So you don't have to tell me where to get off.
I miss-understood ya,
If you're leavin',
Would ya?

Let'er rip
Let it fly
Come on baby say it
Do ya think I'm gonna die
I ain't about to bawl
And I ain't gonna lie
So if your gonna say good bye
Don't take all day and night
Let'er rip
Let it fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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