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Tori Amos – Bells For Her lyrics

And through the life force and there goes her friend
On her Nishiki it's out of time
And through the portal they can make amends

He would you say whatever we're blanket friends
Can't stop what's coming
Can't stop what is on it's way

And through the walls they made their mud pies
I've got you mind I said she said I've you voice
I said you don't need my voice girl you have your own
But you never thought it was enough of
So they went years and years
Like sisters blanket girls
Always there through that and this
There's nothing we cannot ever fix I said

Can't stop what's coming
Can't stop what is on it's way
Bells and footfalls and soldiers and dolls
Brothers and lovers she and I were
Now she seems to be sand under his shoes
There's nothing I can do
Can't stop what's coming
Can't stop what is on it's way

And now I speak to you are you in there
You have her face and her eyes
But you are not her
And we go at each other
Like blank ettes who can't find
Their thread and their bare

Can't stop loving
Can't stop what is on it's way
And I see it coming and It's on it's way

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    I always liked this song, even if the artist who made it most popular was controversial, as was once descriptive of an exploited talent's right to privacy in a humane, if plodding, system. I understand through my research in Songsmiths, America and Eurovision, which is surfacing now, that these songs, sometimes, are stolen from dead women previous to their execution. They enobled Tori to perform them though Tori's violence in of itself was rarely admitted to by her adopted parents, and served no noble purpose but theft in her desire to recover some of the magic that was stolen forcefully, and systemically, in a system of male sexual violence used against the emergence of the truth of her rarity of kind on earth. Space baby? Naw. Just a sh*t on kidnap victim in infancy in a cold basement of a house in Massechusetss. Maybe the author of the song had more to offer one way or les to offer another way. She is most likely Eurasian, and these cryptic lyrics are a translation from Cantonese if it is indeed Tina Chow's song, who is not Eurasian obviously, but had familial relationship to Viggo Mortenson and others. Pretty enough to recite - though the right translation would equate with better meaning in form.
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