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Tool – Jambi lyrics

Here from the king's mountain view;
Here from the wild dream come true -
Feast like a sultan, I do,
On treasures and flesh, never few.

But I, I would wish it all away
If I, thought I'd, lose you
Just one day

The devil and his had me down,
In love with the dark side I'd found.

Dabbling all the way down.
Up to my neck;
Soon to drown

But you,
Changed that all for me,
Lifted me up, turned me 'round.
So I
I would
I would
I would
Wish this all away

Prayed like a martyr dusk til dawn
Begged like a hooker all night long
Tempted the devil with my song
And got what I wanted all along

But I
And I would
If I could,
Then, I would
Wish it away
Wish it away
Wish it all away
Wanna wish it all away
No cross could hold, sway,
Or justify kneeling away my center

So if I could I'd wish it all away,
If I thought tomorrow
Would take you away.
You're my peace of mind, my home, my center.
I'm just trying to hold on
One more day

Dim my eyes
Dim my eyes

Dim my eyes, if they should
Compromise our fulcrum;
Want and need - if I need it
I might as well be gone

Shine on forever
Shine on benevolent son

Shine down upon the broken
Shine until the two become one

Shine on forever
Shine on benevolent son

Shine down upon the severed
Shine until the two become one

Divided I'm withering away
Divided I'm withering away

Shine down upon the many
Light our way
Benevolent son

Breathe in union
Breathe in union
Breathe in union
Breathe in union
Breathe in union
So, as one, survive
Another day in season.

Silence legion, save your poison,
Silence legion stay out of my way!

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  • AquilusDomini
    Perhaps this is about a love. Being a fool prior to finding that one perfection which he couldn't get out of any other treasure.
    ---"But you,
    Changed that all for me,.
    Lifted me up, turned me 'round. "---
    That little bit leads me to believe he is talking about a lover who saved him from foolish materialistic ways.
    I also think it could be about a true historical person, who had an awakening at some point and changed his ways. The title Jambi is very Indian (not native american indian, but India indian), so perhaps maynard is embracing the history of that area.---Source-Wickipedia--- Before what is now Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch East India Company, Jambi was the site of a well-established, powerful Srivijayan kingdom[citation needed] that engaged in trade throughout the Strait of Malacca and beyond. It succeeded Palembang to the south, which was a frequent military and economic rival, as the later capital of the ancient kingdom. The move to Jambi was partly induced by the historic 1025 raid by pirates from the Chola region of southern India that destroyed much of Palembang.---
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  • n
    I'm pretty sure he's talking about the struggles all of us share in a spiritual sense. It's as if he wants both sides, and feels divided by fighting one or the other, so to stay centerd he chooses to "Breathe in Union." whith both good and not so good. It's pretty cool that I was able to find some clues in these lyrics to discover that the "benevolent son" is actually Jesus, and to hear Maynard revearing him makes me like Tool that much more.
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  • c
    Jambi is the name of place near where the Mayan's once ruled. He speaks as a King (Sultan) and mountain view (Mayan Pyramids). Mayan's were known to take hallucinogens for spiritual guidance in the dark corridors of the temple. Addictive at the least. (explaining his willing to wish all royalties away if he could no longer have said drugging.) "Dim my eyes.." Dead give away. Speaking of the benevolent sun, Mayan's were. Probably the most involved with Sun worshiping of all ancient civilizations. This song easily linked to the Maya and their spiritual practices. I could also link many songs to this one, Maynard really does have a message not just to bob your head to, but for humans in general. A hint, link all the important songs together into one message, not segregate them. He may be trying to be a messiah of sorts, or maybe he is for those who listen carefully?
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  • s
    It is worthwhile for listeners to allow their imagination to create personal ideas and possible meanings for such rich, creative lyrics. However, Maynard wrote with a specific purpose. I do not know enough about Maynard or his thought process to assume my analysis is accurate. Yet, I do have an experience-backed understanding of what a relationship with Christ offers and recognize that what is expressed in the lyrics can function as a beautiful response to a newly found relationship to God. The song notes how the author experienced life's peak in pleasures, how these same peaks can also bury, and how a new relationship provided the needed capstone (benevolent son being Jesus, also biblically called the "light") to stabilize his foundation and keep the person together even with the divisive wants and needs we all feel. Even with that need met, the "wants" still threaten to divide as a "legion" (reference in the Bible) keeps coming for him. It's a daily struggle with seasonal highs and lows, but recognizing the value of his new relationship provides a positive hope and drive to remain united.
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  • t
    The specific meaning of this song is not relevant. Because Maynard(and the rest of 2L) didn't write this for you to understand a specific scenario(mother, son, girlfriend). It's a song about (If you're lucky) finding your " peace of mind, your home home, your center. " and appreciating it. Hence the heavy metaphorical lyrics. The specific meaning to Maynard, Danny, you, me, and whoever else can be enjoyed while listening to his song, but if the specific "OBJECT" of the song when this song was written is your focus, you're lost anyway.
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