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Tony Rebel – Fresh D.J. lyrics

-P. Barrett-

Long time me give unu warning
Seems like unu still not listening
Original guerilla Tony Rebel always a tell them say

A fresh D. J. Is coming and heading for a number one
A fresh D. J. Is coming and out to be a champion
But down in a the music man it red
An man it dread man it red
But down in a the music how it red how it red how it red
But down in a the music man it dread man it red man it red
But down in a the music how it dread
How it dread how it dread

Come now, people it's obvious
That Tony Rebel him is talented
I'm going to tell you how it was initiated
Dung inna di ghetto that was where I man originated
To be a good entertainer that was what I always wanted
So I want to reach the top and so I decided
To be more efficient and be more dedicated
I went amongst nuff entertainer and was disrespected
'Cause I didn't wear fancy chain and look sophisticated
De way dem a deal wid me
Them wanted me to get enervated
Till de most high God him come, I man was uplifted
Him say, hey Tony Rebel can't you see that you are gifted
So some a them a hypocrite
And nuff a dem they are confounded
But you got to live together with them
You cannot be separated
Inna de music business I am loved Jah know I am hated
Fling a whole heap of style and I man is appreciated


Vibes is a thing you know it just can't be injected
Got to be with you from the moment that you was created
That's why towards drugs whole heap of entertainer
They're addicted
Cannot perform very well unless they're well intoxicated

Now they fling a whole heap a style
And it cannot be comprehended
Fling a whole heap of style and it kind of complicated
That's why inna de music business
Many people are not interested
It is obvious that this music it was invaded
We got to come again now and have it diverted
'Cause that is the only way we know that we can be elevated
Give the people them a surprise
And what they did not expected
Now to do all this you know that time has got to be invested
That is the only way we know we can be elevated
These are some speech that is highly selected


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