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Tony Maxx – Cash Right lyrics

I'm chasing these hundreds
I'm tryna stack these bands
Spending and spending I might just need more hands
I'm watching my back
Cus I can't trust these mans
They tryna take advantage
Wait til I get my cash right

I swear they love to see ya down don't believe the shit they say
They enimies behind yo back
But they ya friend in ya face
In the past I made mistakes
Like falling for that for that hoe
Almost lost myself I should of stayed focused on the dough
They say when you make it never change up
But fuck that ima change up
Never had shit now I'm famous
Blood thicker than water
Times be getting harder
I just start to grinder
Rackset dem my patnas
On everything
I be in the yo every single day
Got hits inside my catalog
These niggas sleep
But I aint mad at yall
If I starve with you we eating
And wont ever fall
Can't stop until it's mine
And I want it all


Remember days on grand ave when I didn't have shit
And my cousin locked up cus he tried to hit a lick
Rujo got killed by his brother that's some shit
Swea he was the coolest nigga and he loved this music shit
Dreams of doing shows in europe and france
Then flying out to japan and stacking up bandz
I need it in my hands
Tryna get so much money that I can't stand it
Who robbed the bank it's just me and my bandits
And I told you niggas we aint average
All I want is cash ima money savage
Don't lemme get rich ima act a fool
Swerving thru lanes in something new

Hook x2

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