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Toni Estes – Independent Lady lyrics

F/ lil zane & teddy riley

[lil girl](tr)
Toni estes
When I grow up
I wanna be just like you
(and right about now)
He's back
(tr presents)
That's my daddy
(toni estes)
An indie lady

[teddy riley]
Go, yeah, uh-huh
Come on, toni estes
Tr, lil zane, flow

[toni estes]
Tell me what you gonna do
What you gonna do with a small truck
Got my own house, own car
Twenties car
My own dough, two way cell phone
With a sweet tone
Meet me in the 500 top drop se
With the wife beat, do-rag rocking blue jeans
Bring the cheese please
A grown man to show 'em that I don't need

1 - [te]
Baby I'm an independent lady
Can't deal with you if you too shaky
Can't live and pay bills off maybe
That's crazy
I'm a hot girl living in my own world
Shorty ain't nothing going on but the rent
You gotta have a j-o-b

2 - [te]
Here's what you can do for me
(lay low)
Here's what you can do for me
(get your own dough)
Here's what you can do for me
(keep a job)
Here's what you can do for me
(think I'm being a snob)
Here's what you can do for me
(lay low)
Here's what you can do for me
(get your own dough)
Here's what you can do for me
(keep a job)
Here's what you can do for me

You might think of me
And all I think about is me
To many cats is tryna scam cream
They don't give a damn about me
Damn about me
Take care of myself
Think about nobody else
I know if you decided to flip
I ain't gotta trip
Cause no playing heart with steal my own shelves

Repeat 1

Repeat 2 (2x)

[lil zane](teddy riley)
(bring the pain, zane)
Where the money?
I've been watching you for a minute
You're hella photogenic
And you're playing a game
And you came to win it
You probably intimidate niggas for me
And I'm straight monstorous like a rubber band
So I can relate
And I'm known for the 500 drop top
Doin' it anywhere
The rolex watch flooded with rocks
And I had to holla
I see you and your girl
Wrists iced up, neck?
You're a bad bitch with your own dough
On the real baby
(that's what I'm looking for)
For the independent ladies
And all my single women raising babies
To them strippers shaking hard, driving my niggas crazy
Let's get this money baby
Don't let them stop the game
They buy cars with life savers
We using pocket change
And it'll never change
So won't you say my name
Tattoo on your arm baby it's lil' zane

Repeat 1...

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Ugh, ugh
What'cha want me to do
Ugh, ugh
What'cha want me to do ugh
Do for what? What? What?
Ugh, ugh
What'cha want me to do, for you, you
I got my own dough
Get your own dough
Get your own dough, then flow

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