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Tongue – The Punch lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It was the end of the year, yeah
How I made it 52 weeks that'll never be clear
But I'm here and I'm breathin, bruises have healed from the beatings
Still getting used to the feeling
Of proving the things I believe in
Like using my mic and my mind for removing the ceiling
Revealing a movement of people who dreamin
And fightin for peace so they can't be defeated
My reason is blind if you follow my meaning
Tongue is hip hop and it's what completes him
Fiending left to avoid the deamons
Keep in step or destroy the sequence
Wherever your hearts at be reppin it right
Sometimes the hard times are the best in your life
And it's like I'm a danger to closed minds
December 31st definition of showtime

[Chorus: x2]
Hot for eleven and one months
They talk for a year and I setup with one punch
Which sums up all I wanna live life for
Opposed to the war but I know what I fight for

[Verse 2:]
So many trapped in the loop like a sample
I learned you're unlikely to lose if you gamble
Our chances increase with the cards that we handle
You making excuses or make an example
Now I smoked and I drank and was broke and I'm blanking an ocean
Of pain and I hope that I sang 'til I fall from my spot
And I clawed to the top
Of my soul and I'm scared that I'll fall if I drop
But the forces of nature are forcing the haters
To hide from the hail, I rain on parades'
Retreat in the charts like a table in Vegas
Cash in, cash out - and they're out - see ya later
They faceless. I'm lookin in your eyes for ages
Married to the beat now I sign the papers
Ain't no unfaithful behavior
It ain't the days but the years that make ya

[Chorus x2]

We ain't gonna let them drag this one down
We ain't gonna let them drag this one down
We ain't gonna let them drag this one down

[Scratches: dj Diaz]

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