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Tone Trump – What You Smoking On lyrics

Got 20-13

Hustling star

Please tell me what you’re smoking on?
Smoking on

Let me tell you what I’m smoking on

Og am I duction, girls counting my swisher
Glass switch with my white bitch,
Backwards with my niggas, fresh zip of that sower
I don’t need that liquor, twist that piff up with some wex,
Pass the molly under your system,
Super hot, super clean, cash who’s everything get the cream
Purple tape, purple lean that grand daddy that purple lean
Oz I’m in that... , go rolling with the high beams,
Up early what a night scene, champagne in the lime green
Ten bands in my rubber jeans, hustle smart I earn that
But you call way we burn that, go hard don’t turn back,
Super hot, I get your contact, zippin up she don't’ sime s**
We smoke for real they grind that, Afghan but my house scrap.

Please tell me what you’re smoking on?
You know you’re smoking on the Afghan
All is that og kush, please tell em now that is not regi bush
You can see the sower straight to the pout,
Need hell of dutch and tree zips so loud,
It was all a dream, smoking blue with the team
Let me tell you what I’m smoking on.

Smoking on that kush, smoking on that kush
That kush, that purp, that start track that curp
Those cookies, that there, he’s bomb like back that
I’m more weed kind of... Og of that booter
Get that whap, get that gul up,
Pinchy pounds is what I’m used to,
Fuck with mine on my grind on my time I’m shoot you,
What, you get to know I was a rider,
What, you get to know I was a rider.

That’s that bomboo, we’re smoking on that bomboo
We lockin that bomboo, you chokin on, we smoke.


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