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Tom Maclear – Unapproachable lyrics

You're so irrisitable
So unaproachable
So damn beautiful
So impossible
Never met a girl that could
Spin my head, quite like you do
(I) know where you’re comin from
Know where you’re runnin from
Gave your heart
N’ fell apart
Aint far
Where I've been
‘friends say, get over it
‘don’t know how
Deep you were ‘in’
Hey there darlin’
Loves’ not to blame
Were just lonely people
Looking for the same
A real love
A true love
A genuine romance that will stay!

‘but’ you’re so…
I'm the guy, girls come runnin’ to
When they feel abused
‘in wrong places
With all the wrong ‘dudes’
Then they learn that silly game
That love will never be there for you
(But) I'm not the enemy
I'm not the guy to hate
(Ya) can’t find a man that’s true?
‘ I'm standin here in front of you!
(I) won’t make no fool of you
Can’t we just try it again?


Your mama told ya, never make it easy
Cause they’ll walk all over you
But it’s is getting kinda silly
Cause life is never easy till it’s through
With you

Over chorus chords
So hey girl life is short
Remember this
To find prince charming
Forgive and forget
Gotta look past that mirror
‘ best of love is waiting for you
I'm the man that understands
What a heart dreams, soul needs
Serenades, morning hugs, lazy days and wedding cakes
Baby shoes n’ ‘honey do’s’
Aint much’ wouldn’t do for you!

Chorus (x3)
Cause you're so irrisitable
So unaproachable
So damn beautiful
But so impossible
Never met a girl that could
Spin my head quite like you do

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