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Todd Rundgren – Something To Fall Back On lyrics

If I gave you just a bit more time
Do you think that you would make up your mind?
You can't expect that a flower will grow
Until you get around to giving it more
Like it's only

Something to fall back on
Something to fall back on
Something to fall back on

Like a crumpled dollar hidden in your hat
For the subway home when there's no welcome mat
You'd be left with nothing if it weren't for that
When you need to find it it's right behind you

Remember when you were the talk of the town
And you didn't care if I was around
But still you kept me in the back of your head
Just like the teddy bear that you took to bed
I was only something to fall back on

And to wake up lonely is your deepest dread
So you stay connected by a tiny thread
Though you'd rather try for something else instead
When you need to find me I'm right behind you

I know I'm only
Something to fall back on

I don't know what makes me think I've the right
To tell you what is most important in life
But after all I guess I just don't care
And if you need me I will always be there
'Cause when I just imagine how it will be
Then I guess it's something to fall back on
Something to fall back on for me

I need to know you'll need me sometime
Everybody needs somebody to fall back on
Fall back on me
Nobody's going nowhere
You can call me anytime
You can fall back on me
You can call on me
I'm waiting on you babe
When your world is falling down
And there's no one else around
And you're sitting, waiting by the phone
You can call me and I won't leave you alone

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