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TLC – T-Boz Tried To Talk To Me lyrics

Count bass d
(appears on the album pre-life crisis)

Man... T-boz tried to talk to me
You don't have to believe me
It may have been a big mistake
And if it was my heart will break
I'm serious... T-boz tried to talk to me

So have you ever heard of a group called tlc
With hits like "ain't 2 proud 2 beg" and "baby-baby-baby"
New years day of 1992 I was chilling
With the leaders of the new
At the fox theater venue
Atlanta, georgia where the girls don't ignore ya
Geronimo had two girls... And said this one's for ya
The two were close related... In fact sister kindred
And I was scheming on a way to get her into bed
1992 when I was rhyming for fun
Had the thickest new style... But no demo done
I wasn't feeling down about my past situation
I had only seen tlc on video vibrations
Yes this was just before they blew up
While I was gaming on the girl I had a chance to look up
Tlc walked in with my man yusef
Left eye is the name because she played me to the left
The girl I was with was silly...
But I was trying to get on t-boz any motherfucking way
But what was I to say...
Hey shit I was a nobody
And nobody had ever heard of count bass-d
Or tlc, but my despair turned into glee
When t-boz pushed up and introduce herself to me
My heart went mushy... I know you don't believe me
But t-boz of tlc tried to talk to me



Yeah I saw you on tv last week
Hello, t-boz my name is count bass d
I was thinking last week while I was watching your video clip
That when I got rich I'd have to kiss your lips
That's how I wanted to step... But I had my doubts
About her finding out about my lack of clout
I guess she saw me with
The leaders and assumed I had a record deal
But I was mesmerized with her s** appeal
Rumors ran free that she loved jodeci
Who gives a fuck about k-ci
He's just as skinny as me
Don't get me wrong... In singing songs nobody's better
But I get around like 2pac and chain letters
But this time I slippped though... Got played like a wimp though
The pharcyde said it fly she kept passing me by
Not even merrill stubing could have played more friendly
Huh... T-boz tried to talk to me yo



Last time y'all
Females only step to niggas once in a while
And you should react if she seems worthwhile
T-boz was a goddess
I'm honest I wouldn't lie to ya
But I procrastinated like a paper overdue
I know you're saying he's just a crumb
He couldn't get none
But t-boz was a female who was full of sincerity
I know it sounds hard to believe
And I could give a fuck if you believe me but
T-boz tried to talk to me

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