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Titan Force – Price To Pay lyrics

On a dark and foggy night the moon hangs high in the sky.
Quiet streets leave footstep echoing on in my mind.
Something inside of me rages out for release in my soel.
Again the full moon tolls.
Try to run, try to hide
From the light of the moon
And it's curse it holds on me.
With this mark I now bear
Since the day of my birth,
It changes me - you don't want to see.
Small price to pay for release of my soul -
Small price indeed.
Dagger of silver plunged in my head 'tis my solemn release,
I suddenly need to feast!
I feel a change begin of which I have no control.
That curse full moonlight tearing into my soul.
Why was I born with a mark - transform me into a beast,
I suddenly need to feast!
Look away, turn and run as fast as you can.
Yours might be the next life gone.
Small price to pay for release of my soul -
Small price indeed.
Shade of red in my eye, there's no turning back.
And now like a beast I attack.
Small price to pay for release of my soul -
Small price indeed.
Bullet of silver plunged in my heart 'tis my solemn release -
Seems such a small price to pay.
You hold the key to releasing this spell.
Silver dagger in hand you strike the bell.
With a shattering scream I bid you farewell...
As this mark fades away along with my life,
I can't help feeling free again.
Now released from this bond that vexed me so,
Though I am gone, I am whole.
Mark my words, I'll live on, wild and free,
Now that the beast is unchained from me.

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