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Tina DeVaron – If Mama Ain't Happy lyrics

When my body ain't my body my nights are not my own
But I can't disconnect my kids like you can unplug the phone
When I'm turnin' into someone that I don't wanna be
I gotta holler just a little - to get what I need

Move these shoes out of the doorway
Get these coats up off the floor
I shouldn't need to ask
Seems I heard that line before

Must I shout, pick this stuff up please!
Or is childhood deafness a hot new disease
Well I could call off dessert tonight
I could burn supper - I could make you pay
Oh - now you're listenin' - hear what I say

If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy
If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy at All!

Later on when the kids are in bed
I wanna go unconscious - rest my head
Sweetie's checkin' in - am I in the mood
All I can say is "honey don't be rude,"

Go finish up the dishes
Make me some tea and rub my feet
And maybe then we can get together before I fall asleep

You see If Mama Ain't Happy...

Nothin' I wanna do more than this
You know my child's smile is sweeter than a stolen kiss
Fills me with the meaning to life
When sometimes the little things go right

It's a question of balance - it's a matter of scale
But when it works like it's supposed to work
Nothing feels this way

Cause if Mama she happy, Everybody happy
If Mama she happy, Everybody happy
But If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody...

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