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Timbuk 3 – Shotgun Wedding lyrics

Shotgun wedding son
Don't forget to kiss the bride
Midnight fahrenheit
Meet you on the other side
Bent like a fan we pose for pictures
Give the man your grim prediction now
Tight spot, don't get caught
Doing what they don't allow
Six pack, happy Jack
Chuggin' down the boulevard
Sure fire gun for hire
Judas with a credit card
Fight for the right to party favors
Pass the bread and stragely flavored wine
Hush Jack, don't talk back
Save it for the firing line
Sci-fi alibi
Explanation coming down
Hot shot astronaut
Master of the runaround
Dots on the map come disconnected
But the crops are unaffected by
Sun spots, dirty thoughts
Dirty words and all they imply
Lab mouse, slaughterhouse
Medicine won't cure my ills
Tongue tied genocide
Words may hurt but silence kills
Saint Johnny wants to be in pictures
No one left to quote the scriptures now
Joystick politics
Kills another sacred cow
Jump shot, acro-bot
Fell into the well of decline
Slam dunk basket hunk
Never tasted sushi so fine
She was a teenage dominatrix
He was the one she loved to play tricks on
Jack and Jill had time to kill
Till all the money was gone
Headline, death-defyin'
Trigger finger still at large
Energizer bunny club
Beats assault and battery charge
Somebody tried to film the feature
Missed the bride and shot the preacher down
Once more round the floor
Spin-drying blood on her gown
Shotgun wedding son
Don't forget to kiss the bride
Midnight fahrenheit
Meet you on the other side

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