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Tim Dog – If I Was A Cop lyrics

I don't give a fuck about the nigga sellin' crack

All I know, he better put some back

Robbin' the community, yo that's whack

You robbin' a Benz? You're gonna get jacked

If I was a cop I wouldn't fuck with Gotti

I'd fuck with Clinton and the congress party

If I was a cop I'd take from the rich

Give to the poor 'cause life's a bitch

If I was a cop I'd steal from the Italian

Go in the projects and unload by the batallion

If I was a cop, I'd take from you

You and you and you and you and you

'Cause bein' a cop now a days is no joke

Ya gotta be careful, ya might get smoked

People gettin' tired of playing cops games

Guilty, first thing they bash in your brains

Isn't it a shame that blacks feel the pain

And all these years ain't a damn thing changed

If I was a cop, I'd fight to strike back

Return of the Jedi, return of the black, jack

Yeah with this track I'm gettin' wicked

And all you dirty cops know where you can stick it


" Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump"

If I was a cop, if I was a cop I'd have a

" Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump"

If I was a cop, if I was a cop

" Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump"

If I was a cop, if I was a cop I'd have a

" Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump"

If I was a cop, if I was a cop, pop pop

If I was a cop I'd keep my head under block

A sucker tried to flip he'd get dropped

Bang, zoom, assume the position

If ya try ta run I got plenty ammunition

I stickin' up crooked cops like I'm down with the swat

Pop goes the nine, ya motherfuckin' swine

'Cause I'm takin' 'em out

Crooked cops is somethin' we can do without

Ya know you crooked ass crooks

The dirty motherfuckers, they just got off the hook

And all you judges on the bench

You're so fulla shit I can't stand the stench

To catch a few a them would be a plus

We'll hang them motherfuckers like they always hangin' us

'Cause if I was a cop, my people would survive

Work out like Jesse to keep peeps alive

Karim Abdul, Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan

The ministers for the nation of Islam

Fuck Tipper Gore and what she stands for

Position when I reckon, position in the poor


" Sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump"(repeated)

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