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Tim Beavers II – Just Tears lyrics

Springtime bloomed our love divine,
Passion and heat both blurred the time,
And she was itching for a love like mine.

By the end of December most everything was frozen;
The pipes, the ponds, and all the back roads.
My love was like a forest fire, hers was like a common cold.

I brought freedom, I brought surprises, I brought whiskey by the jug,
I was just hoping for a taste of my favorite drug;
The soft touch I'd never known before;
The comfort of tender love.

Well it happened so fast that nothing seemed clear,
In and out of my heart like a sharpened spear.
"What's this feeling?", I cried, "Why's this moisture here?"
"Oh it's nothing", I lied,"They're just tears."

We were fearless and armed with infinite days,
But we were stupid, outcast, and always too blues crazed,
She must've known we'd make love that way,
She had to know we'd make love that way.

My heart could never harm my first,
And my hand could never pen her down in a verse,
But my heart has harmed her and now it's cursed,
My mind took it the worst, my heart just burst.

She said, "Listen to me kid, just this once use your ears,
Give it some time, man, have a couple beers,
Because it never works out and it always feels weird
But they always dry up, they're just tears."

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