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Tifa – Move Yuh Body lyrics


T.I.F.A.! A wah do D.E.M?
Mi nuh know?
A hot girl time now!
Gyal bus a wine now!
Up 2, 3, 4 hot girls roll out
Just stroll out
Just roll out
Up 2, 3, 4 hot girls roll out
Take the middle middle and just...

Mini Chorus:
Move your body body (repeat 4)
Confuse somebody body
Move your body body (repeat 3)

Verse one:
Cause why?
No gyal cya wine like me.
No gyal cya bubble inna dis ya stylee
Nuh know how fi tick tock drop it pon di beat
A wah do D.E.M? Me a almost freak
Centre to centre snap pon di beat
Me a bubble out a boy waistline pon di beach
A who dat a chat dem can gwaan preach
Cause me have couple style to you man mi wah teach
Bubble me a bubble me nuh response fi dem
Cause me come yah so fi party not fi nuh friend
All who wah kick up, try know mi nuh see dem
A just party a wah do D.E.M?

Oh! oh! we a party up
Strong liquor we a beat inna we party cup
Hot girls roll out, flop girls stand up
Cause a Bubble we a bubble til the sun come up
No oh! we nah park like truck
Who wah susu susu please don't shut up
Cause we nuh give a damn, NO!
We nuh give a damn, NO!
Take the middle middle and just...
Move your body body (repeat 4)
Confuse somebody body
Move your body body (repeat 3)

Verse Two:
Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle from the left to the right
Wiggle nah di middle mash up man eye sight
Wine & bend over dip come back
If the man him nuh careful, mash up him sack
Work it like an engine pedal to the metal
Wine out mi waist like you really nuh wah done
Mi nuh really care a just fun we a have fun
But know you a go home alone when the night done
Party we say but we nah act sleezy
Chat all u want all night u a tease me
Nuh itch with the thing cause mi ready fi you breeze
Music alone can please me


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