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Tibob De Nazareth РLanmou B̬so lyrics

Lanmou Bиso

Lyrics: Tibob
Music: Tibob

Refren 1
Si ou rive koute
Kouman w fи m enspire
Si m pale de ou
Pa di mwen fou
Se vre n pa t abitue
Petиt ou pa sonje
Men m reve w chak jou
Mizik sa se pou ou

Nou tиlman san pase
Mwen pa ka koumanse
Malgre n pa t gen w istwa
Mwen pote w nan memwa
Mwen pa menm sonje dat
Lи sa nou tikatkat
Elиv kay frи kay mи
Nan Jakmиl sou bиlи

Refren 1

Pou premye kominyon
Se nou k te konpanyon
Tиlman nan je w m pиdi
Mwen pa t pran gou losti
Yon chalи flanbe kи m
M santi w fon w sиl avи m
Malgre m pa t janm di mo
Lanmou m te pran bиso

Oh Oh lanmou bиso (4 fwa)

Refren 2
Se ou ki te la nan kи mwen
Premye fwa lanmou touche mwen
Se ou ki te la nan rиv mwen
Premye fwa lanmou m jиmen

Menm si n ret etranje
Ou nan kи m poutoutan
Santiman m pa chanje
Malgre 'les ocйans'
Kote pou w ta mouri
Fт lanmou m ba w lavi
Fт n kontre pou n leve
'tous les dйfis de la fatalitй'

Refren 2

Yon jou si n fasafas
M a wи sa w devini
иske lan kи w gen plas
Pou jenm lanmou n fleri
Men si w gentan marye
Si w ap viv byenere
M a kontinye reve
Imajine (bis) ti moman lepase

Produced by: Tibob & T-Jean
Keyboards: Tibob & T-Jean
Bass: Youyou
Guitars: Chichi
Backgrounds: Tibob, Chichi, Ketia

**** **** **** ****
First Love

Chorus 1
If you get to hear
The muse you inspire in me
If I speak of you
Don' t think I' m crazy
It' s true we barely knew each other
Maybe you don' t even remember
Still I dream of you everyday
This song is for you

We have such an empty past
That I can' t begin
We made no stories
Still I carry you in my memories
I can' t recall the exact date
We were so young
Two Catholic School kids
In downtown Jacmel

Chorus 1

For our first communion
We were soul companions
In your eyes I was so lost
The eucharistic bread had no taste
A flame embraced my heart
I felt merged with you
Despite my dead silence
My first love was born

Wo oh my first love (4 times)

Chorus 2

You were the only one there
In my heart
The first time love visited me
You were the only one there
In my dream
The first time I felt love

We are still strangers
But you' re in my heart forever
My feelings are the same
Despite times and oceans
If death tries to hold you
My love should set you free
We' ve got to meet
To defeat the challenges of fate

Chorus 2

If we get to see face to face some day
I' ll see what has become of you
Will there be any space
To flourish the seed of our love
If you' re already married
If you' re living happily
I' ll keep on dreaming
Dreaming of those moments of the past

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