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Thursday – The Other Side Of The Crash lyrics

The lights go down, outside
Before our cars collide
And so we silhouette ourselves
For these shades of fire

Do you know where this is leading?
I will meet you there
On the other side of the crash
On the other side of the glass

All our friends are falling out
Can't look us in the eye
We're there to hear that broken sound
Happens when we're

All alone inside
In the middle of the night
I hear your voice I feel the shake (ashamed?)
Every time I say it

Car crash came and car crash went
So I went along with it
Girl, you're love's not coming back
You'll never be the same

Don't look away
I need to know
If this is real

In the hospital ward sleeps through the surgery
Hiding needles in the drawers for emergency
While outside they wait in the pouring rain
On the other side of the glass...

Don't look away
I need to know
If this is real

Don't look away
I need to know
When will this end?

The iv drips the days drag on
Adjust the light switch in the hall
Maybe the x-ray screen keeps it from getting dark
The bulb burns out when it gets too hot

Keep crashing this car, over and over
Till in spins out of control
So hold me closer, I might disappear

This time, out of control
Like currents in the water we cannot go off the shore
We lost control

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