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Thrice – Silver Wings lyrics

From tender years you took me for granted.
But still I deigned to wander through your lungs.
While you were sleeping soundly in your bed.
(Your drapes were silver wings; your shutters flung)

I drew the poison from the summer's sting,
And eased the fire out of your fevered skin.
I moved in you and stirred your soul to sing;
And if you'd let me, I would move again.

I've danced 'tween sunlit strands of lover's hair;
Helped form the final words before your death.
I've pitied you and plied your sails with air;
Gave blessing when you rose upon my breath.

And after all of this, I am amazed,
That I am cursed far more than I am praised.

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  • Blayed
    This song is one of 4 songs on The Alchemy Index which is written in Iambic Pentameter, The Flame Deluge, Kings Upon the Main, Silver Wings, and Child of Dust.
    Each of these songs is written to illustrate the relationship between man and each represented element (in order according to song titles listed above), Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
    Silver Wings is written from the perspective of the air, reflecting on what it has done for man, and how man has reacted to it. For example, "I drew the poison from the summer's sting" refers to the cooling winds in the summer time, and "And after all of this, I am amazed, that I am cursed far more than I am praised." demonstrates how humanity has taken these things for granted, and instead will focus on the negative aspects of the air (eg. Storms).
    The last 2 lines of each of these 4 songs are all rhyming couplets, which share a vocal melody.
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  • u
    He's done so much for us. How can we take him for granted? Yet even though we ignore him and take him for granted he loves us too much to leave us alone. He always gives us another chance. We blame him for everything that is wroung in this world yet it is our fault. He has drawn the poison that we have allowed into ourselves, he took it willingly. He does everything he can to get our attention yet we still curse him more than we praise him. He is the almighty; the lord jesus.
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  • l
    I think this song is talking about God. In the last paragraph especially; it says '. I am amazed, that I am cursed far more than I am praised. ', talking about when people say "oh my god! ' and 'god damn' and things like that. &also. You [praise] god, as it says. And where it says, 'gave blessing when you rose upon my breath. ' god blesses. And 'rose upon my breath' means something like when you come to me for help.
    I'm pretty confident I know what this is about.
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