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Thomas Gilyard – Triumphant lyrics

and... if I stop ballin Who
gonna catch me and mid up A
whole lot of question I forgot to ask First
they told me break the leg No
I am in nobody cast bar.
... and I'm just tryin to get the And
if I stop ballin who gonna catch me and mid up A
whole lot of question I forgot to ask First
they told me break the leg now I'm in nobody cast I'm

like oh you got a problem but I got problems too Shit
come out the blue but I'm just doing what I gotta do Yeah
it's real life what you think is made believe That's
why I treat every day like new deer Z That's
good wing and plenty bitch Yeah
they tell me how my dick is too big Call
my bridges nine see, go lane the only thing that glitter And
don't believe it thing you read on Twitter no My
nigga I'm just doing me by the way I
couldn't feel some type away Not
to mention I gotta man flow Don't
try to act like you ain't know Here
we go Hook

my be, alive but, that's the price you gotta pay Man
scruise in the street that you gotta obey And
ain't no way I'ma let you come and take what's mine I'll
droll the land well I'm stand it Head
it to the top but I ain't got that yeah I
wish I could say I'm good where I met But
I came too far to go back And
now my nigga I'm what you call a winner My

mama always said I understand when I was But...
my mama was always spoken so being the realest soldier I
was born to lead some, chick stole that me I never got That
one that listen to me nobody saw it and let it rock But
everybody looking at me star way burn pay Middle
to the hustle feelin young like Benjamin Franklin Every
day is best destructive time best, teach I ever know With
the one who show you is callin Thank...
God I ran them streets I, know the struggle made me I
survive just contagion I go be anything But
I told to be who the fuck I was supposed to be before I knew my name I
can be anyone no, not on my son Innocent
be attract we own that She,
holla I can bite that I told you we marry You
couldn't believe it till we draw jeffin the weed let's go [Hook


ck*y'all from the bottom of my heart See
I've been to the bottom that's where I got my start It's
all about reality I do the shit casually Sign
to myself so I pay my own salary Them
haters ain't shit let me tell you What
you niggas need and tie deep press I'll
stand by get your hands high Now
all this critics wanna act like I'm the bad guy Thanking
I'm a ball show now can do If
I made it out of here lies, so can you Yeah
no sick days keep,... it movin make new shit and get paid So
I ain't makin no plan And
let's they include counting money we're both I...
swear is like I do the most man Whenever
midnight new drop that's your ass mister post man [Hook


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