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ThisisDA – RoadKill lyrics

[Verse 1: Thisisda]

(Don't act like you don't know)

That I ain't better than your average kid
The flow's given not taken, you don't ask for this
See I'm a star (real deal) you're an asterisk
They never cared before, but now my ass gets licked by all these
Fake people never know what they want from me (Move!)
Big push, far back, Call it 'Buffy The Body'
No I never been gobby, Law 4
If you've ever read books then you'll know what I mean sonny
So gimme something, hear me clearly I'm really on it
Flowing when I get up on it, slowing never been an option
Oh no, where's the pick up topic? This is not it This is nonsense
I do it for the fun of it, man who cares?
So you stand and stare, I make moves
Compare your team to something like me? Please don't
I'm the hero, villain and the sidekick
Fully hands on like Don Juan with a side chick besides it's
The Prime Minister's turn to be lynched
By an alter-ego of mine that doesn't exist
See I'm so feeble at times I find I'm pissed
And I don't even know why I rap too, I hate it
I'd rather play Wii Fit with Chris Reeve
And proceed to Beefeaters 'All you can eat'
With emcees that breathe weak all up on the menu
And you're on the first course if that offends you

[Verse 2: Bigfoot]

Why they acting like they never heard my name before?
So many collaborations I can't even name em all
Well they just trying to keep us out the flipping scene again
Changing the lock but if we want in we just break the door
Trying to move out of the shack into a vacant resort
Musically you're never in the loop while we just Lakers ball
Well that's your loss Angelina, you can taste the salt
Don't act like you don't know that they been coming since the day we're born
But why bother with a rap career after years
Of nothing ever giving way? Building up? Traffic here
Trying to hold back the tears, looking like Iraq in here
Fighting over nothing but I'm a bomber, Barack is here
And I ain't swear I'd say it's over till I won
I been playing with fire so much you would think that Dappy's here
I'm too classic here, if you don't understand me then
You need to learn to read or you must have got me backwards dear
Now the industry is cracking now
? Get hauled off the track we riding cavalier
What's the crack in here? I'm blowing up like Krakatoa
Somebody go grab the mower, there's too many grasses here
You must be blind if you can't see the passion here
And every time I bust a rhyme you say I make it clap in here
I am in this until I'm nothing but a spirit
So the minute that I'm looking at a ghost in the mirror finished

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