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Them Crooked Vultures – Dead End Friends lyrics

I drive all alone, at night,
I drive all alone.
Don't know what I'm headed for.

I follow the road, blind.
Until the road is dead end.
Night's in my veins, it's calling me,
Racing along these arteries
And law, is just a myth
To herd us over the cliff.

I follow the road at night,
Just hoping to find
Which puzzle piece fell out of me.

I know who you are,
Open the door and climb in.
Hold me real close, then do it again,
I ache for the touch of my dead end friends
And oh, I gotta know...
Is it dead
At the end of the road?
I can tell
By that look in your eyes,
We're the same,
My dead end friends and I

We drive all alone at night,
A never ending begin.
Sweet as a curse just out of reach,
Awakens the dead end part of me & oh,
No more wandering.
Just me and my dead end friends again.

Dead end friends
Dead end friends
Dead end friends

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    This can be taken in many ways. I took it like this:

    The narrator does not know what he is in life, hence the "I follow the road, blind, until the road is dead end," "Dead end" meaning he draws a blank to his ideas. He thinks some laws are just meant to "herd us over the cliff," or are harmful instead of helpful. He wants to know "what puzzle peice fell out" of him, meaning he wants to know where it all went wrong. He has friends that are "dead ends," and he is reluctant to join them in their mischief. He "aches for the touch" of them, meaning he wants them to be back to normal, away from trouble. He slowly realizes that he is just like them, a dead end, becuase of a "look in your eyes." It is unclear who this "your" is, possibly one of the friends, or a girlfriend, as he says "hold me real close then do it again," meaning they might have had sex. He states that he is becoming a dead end in the following line:

    "I can tell, by that look in your eyes. We're the same, my dead end friends and I."

    He then starts accepting the fact that he has become a dead end when he states:

    "We drive all alone at night,
    A never ending begin.
    Sweet as a curse just out of reach,
    Awakens the dead end part of me and oh,
    No more wandering.
    Just me and my dead end friends again."

    He knows that he has become a dead end and accepts it. He knows he WANTS to be a dead end when he says "No more wandering." He has accepted it and loves being with his friends again, even if they break some laws doing it.

    In all, this song is about a man who wants to find out who he really is. He finally finds it when he joins his friends in mischief.
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    Sounds to me like a guy who loves to just drive and drive and drive into the night thinking about the parts of life getting him down, so he longs for the only people he knows he gets pleasure from, friends who, like him, aren't going to get him anywhere in life, but, when he's with them - the dead end part of him comes to life and he doesn't have to drive around aimlessly thinking about the stuff that gets him down. The creatures of the night. Some law is bothering him that he doesn't want to follow. He gets his best ideas driving late at night alone.
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    This guy drives alone to think, think about his life and where he wants it to go. Driving thrills and calms him. He knows someone who means a great deal to him, they originally had a great future but now he doesn't know what's going to happen. His friends drive along with him on his journey to figure out how to live their lives. He hopes he's not headed towards a dead end life.
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