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The Warriors Of Destruction – Bounce lyrics

Them niggaz be talking,

So much shit everyday,


They can't even spit another,

Rhyme like me,

And your mom is my bitch,

While she is on my click,

Just getting tip's for free,

Having yo ass in ditche's

When I be living my life,

The way I want to,

While you motherfucker's be,

Dying out here in the street's,
Running inside home's like a,

Invasion for the testament of,
My nation,

Throwing first blow's after,

Being on parole yeah ever,

Since I step up in this game,

People wanna hate on my,


Damn it's a fucking pity,

Those's kids should call it,


They got nothing else to,


I will crash party's saying,

Dirty profanity thing's to,


Who is getting busted,


Altercation lead profit's,

Solution's handled,

Selling dope for illness,

Out in the big wide city,

Turn straight into born killer,

And becoming a certified,

Hustla at birth,

Also can't never survive,

Without my thirsty struggle's,

Maybe pulling your trigger,

Caused my stat's to grow,

Bigger on deck.

Yeah that's right,


Guess who's back and taking,
Over the whole street,

By grinding hard nigga,

So Just bounce.

[Verse 2:]
You dumb motherfucker's,

Wanna bring,

That racist discrimination,


To my song's,

So now you're gonna pay,

Because I am going to war,

Yo hanging with the boys,

Making some noise,

Stupid droids and toys,

Are just paranoid using,


Never did crime's everywhere,
I go,

So don't come into my prime,

Because I didn't have time to,
Write rhyme's.

Yeah that's right,


Guess who's back,

And taking,
Over the whole street,

By grinding hard nigga,

So Just bounce.

[Verse 3:]
Speaking in the flow,

And niggaz are slow,

When they don't take me,


Bitche's wanna scatter,

It doesn't matter,

Bust your brain's,

Have them splatter,

And just keep it as their,

Table platter's,

Why do you people gotta,

Criticize me,

And the thing's that I do,

Are you with or against me,

Right now.

Yeah that's right,


Guess who's back,

And taking over,

The whole street,

By grinding hard nigga,

So Just bounce.

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