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The Vandals – Power Mustache lyrics

Mustache is a symbol of repression and of hate Never trust a man with a butt
Broom on his face It's the facial marking of the man who holds you down The
Source of all your problems, every city, every town Stalin, Hitler, Schneider,
Just to name a few got to kill the mustache before it grows on you Fight!
The mustache power! (x3) Fight! Fight! Fight! Mustache is authority The world
Is run by assholes They try to run our lives from their golden mustache
Castles The Dark Prince was a nazi, his mustache true to form instead of arm-
Band swastikas, mouse ears must be worn He terminates employees with the hair
Above his lip 'cause in the Fuhrer's kingdom it's dictatorship We should take his
Frozen corpse and shave his fascist face and make the magic kingdom a truly
Happy place Fight! The mustache power! (x3) Fight! Fight! Fight! Pigs across
The nation dressed in uniform with their gun and badges, a mustache must be
Worn they beat the population with their clubs inflicting pain with mustache
Anonymity, they all look the same we must join together till the mustache is
Removed and then we'll have a party with beer and chicks and food. Fight the
Power! Fight the power mustache! Fight the power! Fight the power mustache!

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