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The Vandals – Goop All Over The Phone lyrics

He met her at the soundcheck, where she was tendin' bar - Bodacious ones and ruby lips, a regular movie star - Her singin' voice was pleasin', that's how she got her name - He wasn't from her neighborhood, but he loved her just the same - How he wished he could move to Hollywood - How he wished he could move to Hollywood - But there's goop all over the phone, and Pleasant all over that bill - He'd like to see a lot more of her, cause she gives him such a thrill - But he's from down in Long Beach, and she lives in Hollywood Hills - So there's goop all over the phone, and Pleasant all over the bill - Like a duck after a June bug, he's on that honey bee - And every night he phones her hive and they get real sticky - He tells her that he loves her, but can only talk awhile - Cause the phone gets like a greased up hog and the bill's a country mile - [Chorus:] - Now he went off atourin', cause the Vandals gotta play - But with every show their love cost more cause he gets further away - There's only one solution, a phoney calling card - But he yapped & yapped till he got slapped with a serious federal charge - [Chorus:] - Now the judge denied him bail, and he fought back the tears - And he thought of Pleasant's beauty as they gave him 20 years - He said, "I'll go real peaceful like, I know I broke the law, - But I ain't stoop so gimme the goop - Cause I still got one phone call." - And there's goop all over the phone.

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