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The Vandals – I Am Crushed lyrics

The vandals lyrics

"I Am Crushed"

Oh, I am crushed. And I am devastated.
And contemplating suicide but I don't have the nerve.
And what's the rush? It all should end real soon.
And so I'll just keep waiting and I'll listen to them say,
"You've got your life in front you," and so I must reply.
"That is just more bad news 'cause I'd really rather die."
Than limp around in agony, reliving all the tragedies and face another day.

Oh I am crushed. And I am devastated.
And it's something I can't mend, it ain't going away, soon.

I hurt so much. And I cannot explian it.
It seems like there's a purpose but I still don't understand.
But that's my luck. So I'll just wait in pain.
And though it doesn't help I have to listen to them say,
"keep looking at the bright side," oh that just hurts my eyes.
And if you really care then you would simply let me die.
And leave here with some dignity but it just keeps on making me face another day.

Oh I am crushed. And I am devastated.
And it's something I can't mend and it ain't going away, soon.

Repeat [Chorus:]

Oh I am crushed!

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