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The Transitions – Straight Fuckin' lyrics

Ohh ohh yea...
Oh yea...
I just wanna talk to ya for a minute baby
Listen baby

You say you wanna go
Clubbin with your friends
And I should roll out with my niggas
Tonight I'm feeling something different baby
Like the two of us doing a little something together

I'm not talking about the movies baby
Or going to an expensive restaurant for a fancy meal
Why don't we spend this evening lady
(Something we both can feel)
Doing something we both can feel

(Straigh fucking)
Oh baby girl oh yea yea
(With no interuptions... at all)
Mm yess

(Straight fucking)
Just take it off baby
(I got all your good loving tonight)
All your good loving

Let's take off all our clothes baby
Light a few candles
And pull back the satin sheets.
I just wanna kiss your sexy body
From the top of your head down to your feet.

Tonight is the occassion lady
That is so special like a holiday
A holiday
See I'm tired of explaining baby
There's nothing left to say.

Straight fucking
(Straight fucking)
Fucking baby ohh
(With no interupions at all)
With no interuptions baby at all baby

(Straight fucking)
Oh yea just take it off
Take it all off baby
(I've got all of your good loving tonight)
All your good loving baby

(Straight fucking)
You know what I want and you know what I need baby
(With no interuptions at all)
I need your sexy body

(Straight fucking)
All night long just loving me
(I've got all of your good loving tonight)

Listen here baby
I'm not talkin about the movies baby
Or taking you out on the town to a fancy restaurant
No oh no
See I just wanna give you baby
Everything everything you want

(Straight fucking)
Straight fucking baby
Do you know what I mean
(With no interuptions at all)
Just take it off
Take it all off

(Straight fucking)
(I've got all of your good loving tonight)
All your good loving
Oh yea
Fuck me
Fuck me baby... fuck me like I've never been fucked before

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