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The Tossers – Pub And Culture lyrics

What is called Queenstown is called the Cobh of Cork [4x],
So I think I'd like some brandy and some port.

Well there's nothing wrong with a drop or two,
For there's no harm that will come to you.
It makes enemies walk hand in hand,
And it takes the thirst away here from this land.

But the anxiety and stress it calls my name,
And drags me to dim places,
And triggers ancient memories,
Of trauma and old faces,
That I will never see again.
And so I reward myself
For working through a day
That was really fucking hard.

What is called O'Malley's,
Is my home away from home,
Well it is where I'm known,
By everyone at home,
What is called O'Malley's
Is my home away from home,
So I think I'd like some whiskey before I roam.


A chemical imbalance,
Embedded in my brain,
It's probably from me parents,
But the depression is the same.
My neurotransmitter's dopamine
Is naturally depleted,
So I've overproduced euphoria
With alcohol when needed.

What is called Londonderry, sure it's called Free Derry [4x]
It's only called Derry.
So I think I'd like some porter and some sherry.


A man's in critical condition
Because I had to drive.
Sometimes I say,
"I'll just have three"
Then I'm in the pub all night.
All the tension and anxiety and
The triggers in my soul,
It hits you cause it lingers
When you think you're in control.
How do you picture alcoholics,
Though you may not drink that much?
They're not only ragged wanderers
With bottles in their clutch.

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