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The Surrenders – Freedom lyrics

Verse 1:
The world is a seperate place from life and death,
It's different from every secret ever kept,
It's time we understood, that we do everything that
We could,
We have taken the chance, and we loved what we saw at
First glance,
If we could take more time, we could add much more to our mind...

Pre Chorus:
We can believe, 'cause anybody can achive

It's Freedom...
That everyone trusts in,
Even if one commits a sin
It's Freedom...
That everyone believes in

Verse 2:
Every day we pass by emotions,
Whether it's quiet, or filled with comotion
And our moods change like wheather,
Sometimes we are sad like rain,
If we think about pain,
And if it's bright, we're feelin' better
Just like the Sun on a hot Summers day

Pre chorus

Verse 3:
The great Mighty Lord sacrificed himself for us,
But everyones' hearts only carry lust,
If we could feel his pain,
I would honestly do the same
And with this point so clear,
You can find love in anyone

Second Pre:
I bet you never knew you could fly so high,
Now you touch every diamond in the sky...


Verse 4:
Have you ever known somebody special?
Did they make you feel safe,
Have they ever believed in faith... (or lies? )
How many times have you held her tight,
Did you love her with all your might,
When you see the light shine in her eyes
Would you cry if she ever died...

Second Pre

It's freedom
That won't bend...
You can find freedom
In your true friend...

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