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The Spacepimps – PUMA lyrics

Life moves so constantly,
You don't care about me,
The past is so vividly,
Stuck inside my memory,
Today is the epitome,
Of the next day's broken dream
Why does it always seem,
Nothing's what it seems to be,
Time will always be there,
Whether not your there to care
The will take it's toll in time,
I'm holding in this pain of mine,
And in the end you'll never know,
What you'll have left to show,
Take the time to work things out,
Things go wrong without a doubt.

I'm never going to come back home,
Forget you, I'm better of alone

So I'll never see the day,
When you choose the right way,
Am I too removed too wrong,
To prove to you I don't belong,
Now it's time to face the facts,
Don't look now and don't look back,
Day to day to just get by,
I struggle now and I know why,
We really never had the chance,
Because we knew it'd never last,
Looking at what's wrong and right,
The past keeps me up at night,
Truth be told I'm such a jerk,
Screw the truth it never works,
Tell a lie and cover up,
I told myself to just shut up

I can't help, that I don't belong,
You can't tell me, cause I know your wrong

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