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The Shell Corporation – Quantitative Sleazing lyrics

Do you remember in September 08 when the whole thing came undone?
When Wallstreet’s chickens came home to roost and it looked like their race was run?
Enter stage right Uncle Ben and his merry men to save the day
They robbed from the poor and they gave to the rich
And they made sure their bonuses got paid

The game is set so give up hope
This rising tide will sink all boats
Rome’s on fire and there’s no help for us
So grab your fiddles and join on the chorus

The sirens wail the tide is out
So grab your boards we’ll paddle out
And ride this fucker in, all the way to hell
Let’s party down it’s too late to stop
The other shoe is about to drop
So let’s ride this fucker in
All the way back down, straight to hell

Recession? What recession? It’s a goddamned depression
But they won’t admit it yet
So there’s still no work and it’s been four years
“But look at the stock market! ”
How many bankers lost their jobs?
How many ceos are out on the streets?
Congress dressed up as Rose of Sharon
And let them suckle at the government teat

We’ve paid the banker and we paid the miser
Now there’s no money left to pay the piper
Rome’s on fire and there’s no hope for us
So grab your fiddle and join on the chorus…

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