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The Same Sun – Trip lyrics

One match set your brain on fire
To play the game, insanity is required
Only you can past the barbed wire
While the rest are trapped behind glass
Waiting to be inspired

Nobody can be like you
Disregard their advice and what they tell you to do
But you know you want to listen to me
I’ll show you colors only you can see

Synapses in between all your neurons
Forget how they connect but know I’ll keep ‘em all turned on
Your thoughts are more abstract than the science is
Old neuronal connections forming new alliances
Hearing the sunlight, swimming in air
Taste the stars, the music tousles your hair
Rods and cones become your skin and bones
Your friends left you alone and you’re impressed by their clones
Hyperdopaminergic once again
It seems quite lysergic in origin
Indefinite time-frame
The brain grinds through the migraine
For a new mind game
More than a slight psychosis for right now
You’re losing sight; it’s too confusing to fight now
Just keep playing the game
And don’t try to remember why you came

Come take a little trip with me
I’ll show you things that you have never seen
You know just where I’ll be
Outside the door of your reality

Heartbeat—two-hundred a minute
Diaphoretic, hyperthermic, and tachypnic
Where is the prescription to change this?
‘Cause you got a real problem right now, son, your brain’s sick
You can’t remember what you took and when you took it
Before walking through Wonderland, like Alice in the book did
It’s been fun, but I’ll soon be leaving
I hope you don’t consider me overly deceiving
So you found the haloperidol,
Inject, sit back, and then pray that you don’t care at all
What a great team we made through this episode
I’m sorry that you left; we were so successful
Magic even when evil things happened
I created a vision that you’ll remember till your last sin
‘Til next time, game, set, and match
The mad hatter sees a darker shade of the green grass

Come take a little trip with me
I’ll show you things that you have never seen
You know just where I’ll be
Outside the door of your reality

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