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The Orlons – Not Me lyrics

Ya-Da-da-da-da-dat, dat-dat-dat-dat,

Well it's down in California where the orange trees grow
Oh California
And there's a pretty little girl that he used to know
Oh California

Well he called me everyday about a quarter to one
Oh California
She said Come on over daddy lets have some fun
Oh California

He said, I heard about your husband is he back from the gym?
She said, Come on over daddy don't you worry bout him
Not me, no not me - I aint no boxer
A not me, a no not me

Now he's down in Alabama where they say you were
Oh Alabama
Where they dance all around until they have a ball
Oh Alabama
Where we saw down in the village they were gathered around
Oh Alabama
And then they looked at him, they called him Cat the Clown
Oh Alabama

He said Now wait a minute Buster, you didn't call me right
They said What you're tryin to do, boy is start alittle fight?
Not me Not me, no not me
I aint no boxer

Not me, no not me, not me, no not me,

Well now he's back in Virginia back in his home town
Oh Virginia
A where he's got a reputation from a miles around
Oh Virginia
Yeah, and never no more will he ever roam
Oh Virginia
You know he's stickin right there a to his happy home
Oh Virginia

Oh well a fella walked up to him he said lets make a trip
He said You better shut-up before I bust you in your lip
Not me, not me, no not me

He aint got to go nowhere!
Uh-huh, not my baby!
You know you been hurt out there on that road!
Yep, keep it comin!

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    "Not Me" tells the story of a guy and his strange relationships. The song was released in 1963 after the huge hit "South Street" on Cameo Records. The Orlons appeared many times on Dick Clark's American Bandstand and gave their releases a lot of publicity. "Not Me" peaked at #11 and just missed being in the Billboard Hot 100's Top Ten. But it was a big seller anyway and nearly sold a million copies. The Orlons specialized in a combination of party songs and good-time songs that appealed to many teens. When Cameo released "Not Me" they were riding high, after having earned three Gold Record Awards from the riaa (The Wah-Watusi, Don't Hang Up!, and South Street). A new version of The Orlons still performs their hits on the present-day "golden oldies circuit", but a few of the original members have passed on. This song is heavy on the beat with funny lyrics and a killer of a saxophone break. You'll want to get up and dance to this one!
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